Guy Ritchie’s Gamekeeper

Guy Ritchie’s Gamekeeper is a story about Brock – a gamekeeper in a secluded Scottish estate with a lot of secrets in his past.

The Story of Guy Ritchie’s Gamekeeper

Ten years have passed since Brock, a gamekeeper in a remote estate in Scotland, started living a lie. He had been telling himself that his existence is all about nurturing life. But in his past, he couldn’t run away from the fact that once, he took life. All his life, he convinced himself of his humanity – but events will soon unfold to reveal that he is much wilder than he believed.

When Russian paramilitary mercenaries arrived in the estate and killed Jonah Morgan, the owner of the estate, Brock was thrust back into the life that he tried to hide from. He knew he had to avenge his friend. But it seems like the pursuit of vengeance will soon lure him into the deep dark version of himself. He left his tranquil life in the Scottish estate to go into the urban underworld in search for those who killed his friend.

As he slowly but surely progress into his vengeful vendetta, he struggles to tame the animal within him – as it starts to overpower his humanity.

Behind the scenes of the Gamekeeper

Guy Ritchie’s Gamekeeper is a comic series that follows the life of a man simply named Brock. The film maker of Sherlock Holmes and Snatch collaborated with Andy Diggle of The Losers to write the first volume of the compelling story about a man’s battle within the wilder and animalistic version of himself. The brooding artwork is created by Mukesh Singh of 18 Days and Devi. Singh is the same artist of Shadow Hunter by Jenna Jameson.

This comic book series is from Virgin Comics. Warner Brothers got the rights to produce a motion picture for Silver Pictures. Of course, Ritchie is set to direct.

The second volume of Guy Ritchie’s Gamekeeper is written by Jeff Parker. The illustration is courtesy of Ron Randall and Ron Chan. Singh is still responsible for the beautiful cover.

The acclaimed comic book gained a lot of positive feedback from critics. According to Wizard Entertainment, the artwork, plot twists and the characterizations are all noteworthy. Bag and Boards gave the first issue a B+ rating because of its artwork and the original story line.

Although the storyline of Gamekeeper is intriguing, it is the artwork that is getting all the rave reviews. Critics say that it captures the emotions and the action scenes perfectly. The colours chosen are the right shade that gives perfect mood for the readers. This makes Guy Ritchie’s Gamekeeper a compelling and entertaining read.