Troll Hunters

Troll Hunters is a new Viking-themed online video slot game. It is delivered by Play n’ Go for online gamers all over the world.

The back story of the game revolves around a team of three female Viking warriors and their quest to hunt trolls. These fearsome creatures all hide in caves to guard various treasures that players can win if they are lucky enough in the game.

Troll Hunters game features

The game of Troll Hunters offer several unique features.

  • Different layout. The backdrop of the game is set on a view of snowy mountains. Unlike the traditional reels of an online slot machine, this game has 5 rows – with each row having 5 heavy boulders each with images on it. The images include the photos of the Troll Hunters and other Viking items like silver earrings, skull cup, and meat.
  • Several options to win after one spin. Most of the time, slot machines will only offer you one chance to win every spin. With this game, a single spin can make you win several times. When a spin lines up three similar images against each other, that play wins. The winning combination will be eliminated and the remaining boulders on top will drop down. If the action results in three or more similar images lining up against each other, that leads to another win. As the combination is eliminated, the same process and chance of winning happens. When there are no longer combinations, the spin is over.
  • Bonus feature. The game offers a unique bonus feature. This can be activated if you can eliminate all the boulders in the reel where the word bonus is spelled.

How to play Troll Hunters

Before each spin, you will be required to place your bet. It can be as low as €0.20 or as high as €40. When you click the START button, the reels, each with its own image, will tumble down. If there are 3 to 5 similar images that are lined up with each other (vertically or horizontally), a golden boulder with a Viking rune will appear in the middle. The combination will disappear as if it is burning, leaving the golden boulder. As each boulder is eliminated, those on top of it will tumble down. If the golden boulder lands in the middle of two similar boulders, it will also disappear. This is how a player wins several times in one spin.

A successful combination of boulders would mean that round will win you some money. The more boulders or combinations, the higher the winnings. Of course, the higher the bet, the higher payments you will get from that single spin.

When you press the START button, you will see the word BONUS spelled downwards in one column. Most of the time, one or two columns have the word BONUS. But there are instances when all the columns have the word BONUS. If you are lucky enough to have successive combinations, you could clear up one of the BONUS columns. When this happens, you get to play the bonus round.

The bonus round will give you free spins with opportunities to win without spending any of your money. In this game, the images are replaced with a sword, gammer, axe, shield, helmet, armlets and light. The images of the Troll Hunters are still included. When 5 of the same image appears in every spin, you get to win that round – even if the images are not lined up against each other. If you have 5 or more of the troll symbols, you can gain 20 free drops – which can lead to bigger payouts.

Troll Hunters is entertaining and addicting because of the unique features that it offers. There is the thrill of winning a huge payout and the background music and tumbling reels add to the overall excitement.